Mastodon London meet up on Thursday

For those who are using, or inter­est­ed in the decen­tralised social net­work Mastodon, the first Lon­don meet is com­ing up.

Host­ed at Lon­don Hack­space, from 7pm.

Should be an inter­est­ing crowd, and there will be pre­sen­ta­tions from a cou­ple of instances (UK host­ed I assume).

I’m hop­ing to make it along, though I’ve been flu rid­den this week, so it may be I catch the live stream.

I’d love to see Mastodon grow and hope it sticks around, not just pass by like a lot of the oth­er decen­tralised attempts. Get­ting peo­ple to meet in real life is good start to build­ing the momentum.

Mastodon does seem to have a lot of the excite­ment that I remem­ber around Twit­ter in its ear­ly days when I was going to things like Tut­tle club. Actu­al­ly when I said this remind­ed me of a Tweet­up, I got this response.

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