Algorithm changes on Instagram hiding posts

Insta­gram has changed their algo­rithm again.

Now they are said to be hid­ing some posts, so they don’t appear in feeds.
I’ve noticed that I don’t see as many pho­tos in my feed any­more (at least from peo­ple I fol­low direct­ly, I have noticed an increase in brand­ed con­tent, and pho­tos I may like). Also likes seem to be way down.

Report­ed by the Pigeon Let­ters on Insta­gram algo­rithm changes.

When you post some­thing on Insta­gram, it may only be exposed to 10% of your audi­ence. I believe this would mean that it gauges the inter­est of your audi­ence to deter­mine whether or not it should be shown to the rest of your fol­low­ers. If your brand new post gets enough engage­ment right off the bat, it would then be released and shown to the remain­ing 90%. So if you’ve been won­der­ing why one post gets 1/10 of the engage­ment of anoth­er post, this could be why.

This seems to be aimed more at mar­keters, get them to buy adver­tis­ing, how­ev­er its effect­ing ordi­nary accounts to.

Its a shame that there can’t be a pop­u­lar ser­vice that just lets things go in chrono­log­i­cal order. Flickr still does this, though I and many oth­ers I fol­low haven’t been active there for a while. Flickr was also more of a pho­to dump with hun­dreds to look at. What attract­ed me to Insta­gram was the one pho­to to rep­re­sent the moment, pre­sent­ed nice­ly (fil­ters). Now its a crowd­ed out, with slide for mul­ti­ple images and more focus on who else you might be inter­est­ed in rather than pre­sent­ing whats I have cho­sen to follow.

Please, I don’t mind adver­tis­ing, I just want a chrono­log­i­cal order feed of pho­tos from the peo­ple I have cho­sen to follow.

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