New Media Thinking

Andy Broomfield - New Media Nomad

I'm currently in the process of relaunching New Media Thinking as my research arm, a place to host thoughts & projects exploring the connections between online and offline.

The following are a selection of past projects


Breathing London Twitter Bot

A twitter bot that monitors air quality in London and tweets personified tweets on how the city may be feeling.
data from London Air Quality Monitoring Network


Makerhood Website

Makerhood A local makers forum, discussion space and online/offline marketplace.
Online Associate & Developer, Drupal custom modules and theme


Dadamac Website

Dadamac is a community of collaborators and knowledge brokers between UK, Africa, Online and Elsewhere.
IA, Website Manager, Developer, Custom Drupal Theme

Collage Network

Collage Website

Collage Network are helping people navigate the new world of work
A Dadamac Project, Wordpress Theme

West Norwood Feast

Feast Website

West Norwood Feast is a monthly volunteer run market helping to revitalise West Norwood
Former online and tech lead with Space Makers Agency, continuing tech development with feast group. Drupal Theme

Collaborative Scroll

A collaborator types

The Collaborative Scroll was a story writing project that invited others to contribute to an ongoing narrative, written on an old typewriter.
Collaboration with Artist Anna Cole, at the Treehouse Gallery 2009.

Data Relationships

A set of Data Mining Devices

Devices for the Data Obsessed are a set of concept prototypes for data mining the physical world.
RCA Thesis project, 2008.

Blog Bot Platform

Light Blogger Bot

Blog Bot Platform where a set of blogjects / tweetjects that wrote about their world.
RCA project, 2007/8.

Ethical Contract Trading

Ethical Contract Postcards

Ethical Contract Trading are three stories that imagine a world where persons ethics can be traded as a commodity, up to its inevitable collapse.
RCA / Intel Future of Money project, 2007/8.


A Selection of Flickr Sets

My Photography is a hobby which has lead to me documenting some of the most interesting projects that I've had the privilege to have been a part of.


andy [at] newmediathinking [dot] com
Currently based in South London